February 2024

Introducing Rufus, Amazon's AI shopping assistant

Introducing Rufus, Amazon's AI shopping assistant


In an exciting announcement, Amazon has unveiled Rufus, an AI-powered shopping assistant promising to transform the online shopping experience. With Rufus, Amazon aims to streamline customer interaction, simplify product discovery, and empower users to make informed purchasing decisions effortlessly.



Rufus: Your New Shopping Companion

Named in honor of the Welsh corgi that roamed Amazon's warehouses, Rufus represents a milestone in AI-driven customer service. Developed using Amazon's extensive product catalog and customer review data, as well as community questions and answers, Rufus emerges as an expert companion in the realm of online shopping.


What Can Rufus Do for You?

From providing personalized recommendations to facilitating product comparisons and offering real-time assistance, Rufus comes equipped with a variety of features to meet customers' needs effectively:


  • Personalized research: 
    Gain insights into what to consider when searching for different products, presented clearly and accessibly.
  • Purposeful shopping: 
    Find specific products for special occasions, activities, or particular needs quickly and easily.
  • Instant comparisons: 
    Discover differences between similar products to make more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Tailored recommendations: 
    Receive suggestions tailored to your preferences and needs, from gifts to everyday items.
  • Answers to your questions: 
    Get answers to specific product queries while browsing the product details page.


Now that Rufus is available in its beta version, Amazon is dedicated to enhancing and broadening its capabilities with your valuable input and feedback. Through your collaboration and the ongoing advancements in artificial intelligence, Rufus pledges to become an indispensable shopping companion.


Rufus epitomizes Amazon's enduring commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service. With its knack for simplifying and enriching the shopping journey, Rufus is positioned to spearhead the next phase of e-commerce evolution.


If you're among the fortunate selected users, you can now experience Rufus's assistance directly within the Amazon app.


Written by Ana Paula Albert, Creative Copy