February 2024

Apple Vision Pro: A world like Wall-E

Apple Vision Pro: A world like Wall-E


Remember the Pixar movie where humanity becomes obese and sedentary, dependent on technology to perform even the most basic tasks? Although it may seem like a distant dystopia, the reality is that we are getting closer and closer to that world. The arrival of devices like the Apple Vision Pro invites us to reflect on the future of technology and its impact on our lives.


What are Apple Vision Pro?


These mixed reality glasses are Apple's bet on the future of human-technology interaction. They combine elements of the real world with virtual elements, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional virtual reality.


Apple Vision Pro


When and where will they be available in the US?


Although they have already been on sale in the United States for a few days, there is still no official date for their release in Mexico. They are expected to arrive by the end of this year or early next year, and can be purchased at Apple physical stores, authorized distributors, and on the Apple Mexico website.


Price and features


The Apple Vision Pro has a price of $3,499 in the United States, which is equivalent to approximately $70,000 Mexican pesos. This high price, along with the need to purchase additional accessories such as cases, batteries, and headphones, could limit its accessibility to a wider audience.

What are they for?


The possibilities of the Apple Vision Pro are endless. In the workplace, they allow access to work tools and applications more efficiently, especially for those who are constantly on the move. In the entertainment field, they offer a more realistic and immersive gaming experience, and allow online tasks to be performed more productively and enriching, especially if 3D models are used.


Apple Vision Pro


The arrival of devices like the Apple Vision Pro invites us to reflect on our future as a society. Are we prepared for a reality where technology is so omnipresent? How can we ensure that technology is used responsibly and does not become a tool that isolates us from the real world?


The launch of the Apple Vision Pro is just a small step towards a future where technology will be increasingly integrated into our lives. It is important that we are aware of the possibilities and risks that this entails, and that we make responsible decisions about how we want technology to impact our future.


Written by Ana Paula Albert, Creative Copy Director