November 2023

TextFX: Fueling Writer's Imagination with Google's AI

TextFX: Fueling Writer's Imagination with Google's AI


In the realm of creativity and artistic expression, technology has played an ever-evolving role, enhancing the skills of artists and creators. A notable example of this synergy is TextFX, an artificial intelligence experiment designed to assist rappers, writers, and word enthusiasts in expanding their creative processes. Developed in collaboration with the renowned rapper and visionary, Lupe Fiasco, TextFX is a versatile tool inspired by the lyrical and linguistic techniques he has perfected throughout his illustrious career.


The Innovative Approach of TextFX


TextFX is not just another text processing tool; it represents a significant leap in applying artificial intelligence to the world of creativity. This innovative platform consists of ten distinct tools, each meticulously designed to explore creative possibilities with text and language. Powered by Google's PaLM 2, a large language model, TextFX showcases the potential of generative language technologies to empower the creative workflows of artists and creators.



Collaboration with Lupe Fiasco

One of the unique aspects of TextFX is its close collaboration with Lupe Fiasco. Wasalu Jaco, professionally known as Lupe Fiasco, is not only a Grammy-winning rapper but also a teacher, entrepreneur, and community advocate. His deep passion for cognitive science, linguistics, semiotics, and computing has led to his appointment as an MLK Visiting Professors and Researchers Fellow at MIT, where he teaches a class on the theory and practice of rap.

The valuable ideas and artistic sensibilities of Lupe Fiasco have been incorporated into the tools of TextFX, making it an essential resource for those seeking to infuse their work with a touch of lyrical brilliance and linguistic mastery.


Lupe Fiasco


The Power of the PaLM API


The capabilities of TextFX are powered by Google's PaLM API, a gateway to Google's large language models. This API empowers developers to create AI-driven applications for a wide range of use cases. Whether you're an artist, writer, or developer, the PaLM API can be leveraged to push the boundaries of creative expression.


Lab Sessions and MakerSuite


TextFX is a product of Google's Lab Sessions, an ongoing series of collaborations between cutting-edge AI technology and visionary individuals from various fields. Lab Sessions take place on, where early-stage experiments shape the future of technology alongside pioneers and innovators.


To prototype the tools within TextFX, the team employed MakerSuite, a platform that allows users to easily experiment with Large Language Models (LLMs). This synergy between Google's Lab Sessions and MakerSuite has resulted in a set of powerful and user-friendly tools that benefit artists and creators.


TextFX represents a notable convergence of artificial intelligence technology and artistic expression, showcasing the potential of generative language models to amplify creativity. With the guidance and collaboration of Lupe Fiasco, it offers artists, writers, and developers a powerful set of tools to explore new dimensions of text and language. As an open-source project, it invites innovation and customization, making it a versatile and accessible resource for the creative community. With TextFX, the future of creative expression is increasingly intertwined with the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence.


Written by Ana Paula Albert Stevens, Creative Copywriter.