June 2024

WWDC24: The Future of Apple and Personalization within its Functions

WWDC24: The Future of Apple and Personalization within its Functions

WWDC24 has been an event full of new features, where Apple presented the latest updates to its operating systems and gave a glimpse into the future of its technology.

A quick summary of what we’ve seen:

iOS 18: The biggest update for iPhone in years, with a strong focus on artificial intelligence (AI). It includes features like a smarter Photos app, better communication, a proactive assistant, optimized workflows, a more customizable home screen, and support for RCS messages.

macOS 15/Sequoia: Like iOS 18, macOS Sequoia comes with many optimizations. The integration of artificial intelligence brings greater efficiency and personalization, while Safari is revamped with standout notes, a redesigned reader, and an improved video viewer. The home screen becomes more customizable, while integrated applications like Notes, Mail, Photos, and Maps also benefit from the power of AI, expected to bring many of the same AI features as iOS 18, along with other improvements.

Other Devices: New updates are expected for watchOS, tvOS, HomePod software, and visionOS, but details are scarce.

No Hardware: Unlike other years, WWDC 2024 focused solely on software.

Looking to 2025 and Beyond:

WWDC24 has given us a good idea of what to expect from Apple’s upcoming operating systems, but there is still much to explore. In the coming months, we will surely see more details about these new features and how they will affect the way we use our Apple devices.

Here are some aspects worth keeping in mind as we move forward:

The increasing integration of AI: AI is playing an increasingly important role in Apple products, and this trend will likely continue in the future. We can expect to see even more AI-driven features in upcoming software updates.

A more customizable experience: Apple is giving users more control over how their devices look and function. This is reflected in features like the more customizable home screen in iOS 18 and the new customization options in macOS 15.

A commitment to privacy: Apple remains committed to protecting its users’ privacy. We are likely to see more features in the future that help protect your personal data.

WWDC24 has been an exciting event for Apple fans, offering a glimpse into a future full of innovation and possibilities. We are eager to see what Apple has in store for us in the coming years.

What do our developers think?

WWDC24 has generated great anticipation among Geek developers, and reactions to the new features announced have been generally positive.

Our developers’ opinions:

“Apple’s developer toolkit is expanding, opening the doors to a world of more innovative and engaging applications. The integration of artificial intelligence in iOS 18 and macOS 15 is a big change, allowing us to deliver a more personalized user experience.”

“AI in iOS 18 and macOS 15 is a powerful tool that allows us to create smarter and more adaptable applications. However, it is important for Apple to maintain its commitment to user privacy, as AI can be a double-edged sword.”

“The new Apple APIs are a power-up for developers! With them, we can create applications that truly meet user needs.”

WWDC24 has been a successful event for Apple, and the new features announced have generated great interest among both developers and users. It remains to be seen how these features will be implemented and their long-term impact, but the prospects are positive.