April 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Graphic Design, Pros and Cons.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Graphic Design, Pros and Cons.

Who hasn't been curious about seeing a possible apocalyptic scenario or their own avatar designed and generated by AI? 

Accessing these images takes just a few seconds, and nowadays, everything that is one click (or tap) away, sounds fun. That is until you stop for a moment and wonder how artificial intelligence works. Why do their designs look so cool and... so familiar? 

How does artificial intelligence generate images?

AI-created art uses machine learning and neuronal networks to make computer-generated graphics based on thousands of collected images, which are mixed resulting in a new image that can even have the style of a known artist or designer. And this is where the questions come in. 

Of course, questions about ethics and the disadvantages of artificial intelligence diminish the fun of it but are necessary to allow technological development to continue its natural flow. Legal cracks are a constant when a new technology emerges or gains momentum. We saw it with the music industry in the early 2000s when nothing was regulated regarding copyright and digital downloads. 



What problems does artificial intelligence have?

Recently, and as a result of the lawsuits made by various artists against some artificial intelligence companies such as Stability AI (developer of one of the most used image generation artificial intelligence), the legal gaps that regulate the intellectual property of artistic and design works with which AI generators are fed, have become very evident since the accusations revolve around the fact that copyrighted images have been taken without the artists' consent by these AI. 

Of course, all this situation leads to question the fair use of AI, precisely because human and artistic sensitivity is irreplaceable, but at the same time, it would be counterproductive to stop the progress of a technology that is just finding its own path and usefulness. It all depends on the resources with which AI is fed and their regulation.

What is the future of artificial intelligence in content creation and graphic design?

There are several doubts regarding the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence, however, it is a reality that designers, developers, and content creators on social media will end up using these tools. when doing their job. Either by creating code directly by writing some instructions or seeking inspiration in an automatically generated image. I think the main issue will be finding the balance, not only legal but also artistic, that allows the coexistence between human and AI-generated art. 



Author: Ricardo Huizar (Senior Designer)